Project and Loan Monitoring

Independent. Practical. Diligent.

The importance of financial accountability on a construction project is critical. We add value for both lender and borrower by offering a results-oriented approach to loan monitoring. Our detailed and continuous process helps us anticipate potential risks and keep projects on track, while ensuring that all parties are well informed of project progress and potential issues.

We facilitate the lending process and endeavor to make it more efficient and streamlined to the benefit of lender and borrower.

Our services help ensure project success:

  • Loan Application Support Packages
  • Complete Project Proforma (Total Project Costs and Revenues)
  • Development Feasibility Studies
  • Loan Monitoring (on behalf of Banks/Lenders)
    • Preliminary Report Preparation
    • Progress Draw Report Preparation
    • Sales and Leasing Review
    • Margin Calculation
    • Cash Flow Projections